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Arthur Chan achana at saysit.com
Wed Sep 11 16:28:01 GMT 2002

Hi all !
I do not know whether this is the right forum to ask such questions ...
I have a DSL which does NAT between a static-ip and an internal 192.168.x.y and I am confused about the knock-on effect of address forwarding by NAT at the moment !
The ISP is currently hosting the web page and domain name. 
I need to bring the web hosting inhouse to do applet-to-servlet communications and connect to the internal DB using a servlet container.
I have several questions :
(1)  Ages ago when I set up DNS/BIND, I had the following files :
..........named.201.15.132. this was an external static ip registered wit APNIC. 
      Should named.201.15.132 now be renamed to named.192.168.x. because of the DSL NAT ??? 
(2) I do not know whether my ipchains are stuffing up the web browsing, but it seems that at command line level, I can ping the ISP and telnet to their site. However I cannot browse any more until I flush ; set the default for input, output and forward to ACCEPT and insert just one rule : "ipchains -A forward -s -j MASQ" which , of course , defeats my security

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