[Samba] Getting Win98/95 machines to connect

Petr [Dingo] Dvorak dingo at texoma.net
Wed Sep 11 00:43:00 GMT 2002

On Tue, 10 Sep 2002, Jay wrote:

J> Hi everyone!
J> I'm pretty new to Samba but I've got it setup on my Linux box here and all
J> the Win2k machines can see it fine.  When the Win2k user browses the network
J> they can see the Linux box double click it and then they are prompted for a
J> username and password.  They don't enter any and click "Ok" and poof they
J> have access to the shared directories i have created.
J> However, this is different for Win98/95 machines that try to connect.  They
J> go through the same process to get to the Linux box and then they double
J> click on it.  Then they are prompted for only the password.  Of course
J> there's no password or anything, but they get a connection refused error.
J> I've been reading the docs but honestly they are a bit over whelming to try
J> and find exactly what I'm looking for.  Please let me know if there is
J> anything about the configuration that I need to share with you all so I can
J> get this fixed asap!

i'm not 100% positive that this will work, but you can try to add something
like the line below in the smb.conf in the share you have problem with:

force user = username

if you use swat to configure samba thru the web, just choose share, then click
on 'advanced view' button and it will show it in the security options.

			hope this help you some ;)


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