[Samba] Help with file permissions

Todd Spahr tspahr at ycp.edu
Tue Sep 10 19:11:01 GMT 2002

The professors where I work want to create in theory a drop box for assigments 
and such.

I have created a unix file called "dropbox" with permissions at 733:
drwx-wx-wx   2 juser   faculty      512 Sep  3 09:21 dropbox

In unix this allows for students to drop information into dropbox but does not 
allow them to read any information (or some elses assignment) in dropbox.

I have a share set up called "faculty", underneath faculty are all of the 
facutly usernames and underneath each user name is there dropbox.  The share 
in smb.conf is set up like this:

#Faculty area
comment = faculty area
path = /faculty
public = yes
force create mode = 0755        
create mask = 0755
force directory mode = 0755
directory mask = 0755
writeable = yes
browseable = yes

The Problem:
OS - Windown Me ( Yeah tell me about it)
When a student drags and copies a file it works fine.  When a student drags 
and copies a directory it says.
1.  You may not be able to access file created in the folder. Do you want to 
continue.  (Of course)
2. The folder does not exist, do you want to create it.  Yes/No  (Of course)
3. Folder is not accesible, cannot create a file when the file already 

What happens:
The directory or folder gets created but it does not put the file in folder. 
(dropbox -> juser -> NO FILE )

If you try and do another copy it works! (dropbox -> juser -> homework)  It 
almost seems like the client has no idea it has access rights to the folder 
once it creates it.  

I will point out if you do the same process in Windows XP/2000 it works the 
first time.  If you change the "dropbox" permissions to 777 it works.  If you 
then go back and change "dropbox" to 733 it magically begins working on the 
first try until I log off and log back on again.  Could the client be losing a 
pointer or not recaching it self.  

Any suggestions would be greatful or if you need further explanation.  Last 
thing to note is this has all worked perfectly until we upgraded to 2.2.3 and 
since we have upgraded to 2.2.4.

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