[Samba] Samba and LDAP

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Tue Sep 10 18:08:01 GMT 2002

> Hello.
> I'm running samba-suse 2.2.5-64 on SuSe Linux 8.0 with
> OpenLDAP2-2.0.23-53. I have a samba PDC storing its password
> information in LDAP. I'm also using the following pam modules: pam_ldap
> and nss_ldap. As long as I run Samba and LDAP on the same server, I can
> authenticate fine from a Nt workstation. The problem comes when I bring
> up another samba member server or samba PDC on another Linux box, I
> can't seem to authenticate. The smb.conf file has the required
> parameters pointing to ldap server. The log show that smb_pass_check
> failed to authenticate on the ldap server. Could someone please help.
> Thank you
> Seema
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could it be that you forgot to set the sambapassword for the adminuser you
specified in smb.conf on the memberserver?

you also need the following on each memberserver (this password isn't
stored in ldap!):
smbpasswd -w THEPASSWORD

i hope i could help
best regards
thomas reisenbichler

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