[Samba] Printing to a windows printer

Devinder K Rajput Devinder.Rajput at ipaper.com
Tue Sep 10 16:11:42 GMT 2002


I trying to print a label printer that is attached to a windows95 machine.
The job is sent to the printer queue on the linux machine (Red Hat 7.3),
but never printed on the printer.  When I check the status of the print
queue on the linux machine, I get the following:

[root at S12601 syn]# lpq -Pbinpos
Printer: binpos at S12601
 Queue: no printable jobs in queue
 Server: no server active
 Status: job 'bdialin at S12601+410' removed at 10:46:58.356
 Rank   Owner/ID                  Class Job Files                 Size Time
done   root at S12601+219              A   219 (STDIN)                200

As far as I understand it, linux thinks the job has been printed or at
least sent to the printer to be printed.  Am I correct?  Your help is
greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

Devinder Rajput
Stores Division Corporate Offices
Chicago, IL
(773) 442-6474

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