[Samba] SAMBA 2.2.4 and Win 2k

Bradley W. Langhorst brad at langhorst.com
Tue Sep 10 14:36:00 GMT 2002

On Tue, 2002-09-10 at 10:14, Farias, Lavoisier Jose Leite (Lavoisier)
> Hello,
> At first I apologize everybody in case I had broken some rule of this list
> regarding a previous e-mail about this subject. Does anybody can help me on
> the question right below. Please, forget my basic questions, however it is
> the only way
> I am trying to use SAMBA version 2.2.4 at Solaris 8.0 works with Win 2K. My
> Sun workstation is not registered neither at DNS or WINS since is not
> supported by our IT folks. So, I configured its name at my Win 2k lmhosts,
> and the Win 2k client name at my /etc/hosts.
> I have been trying to catch up this problem by following the instructions
> at DIAGNOSIS.TXT file and the "Hour 13" available on the samba Web site. 
> At my Win 2k client I have the following configuration: 
> * Client For Microsoft Networks enabled. 
> * File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Network Enabled
> * TCP/IP enabled, using DHCP to obtain IP Address, Default Gateway, DNS
> Servers 
> * Enable Netbios over TCP/IP is also enabled.
> * Enable LMHOSTS lookup
> I stopped at the command 'smbclient -L myservername -N', and I got the
> following messages:
> *	added interface ip=XX.XX.XX.XX bcast=XX.XX.XX.XX nmask=XX.XX.XX.X
> *	session request to MYSERVERNAME (Not listening for calling name)
> *	session request to *SMBSERVER failed (Not listening for calling
> name)
are you trying to connect to the win2k -> samba or samba ->win2k
you only need smbclient for samba -> win2k 
(and you'll also have to add some services at myservername (which is
your win2k box ))

If you're just using smbclient to debug then try putting myservername
into the hosts file on the server too.  You could also try by IP address
of your server.  It sounds like the server doesn't know its own name...
Can you ping myservername?
> 	1- Do I need to register my SAMBA server as a PDC or BDC ?
not unless you want to create a domain - i don't think you do
> 	2- Do I need to register my SAMBA server at DNS and WINS ? 
no - you can access it by IP address or using your lmhosts 

> 	log level = 0
increase this to see what is happening in the logs

> 	lm announce = Auto
if you're trying to go "stealth" from the corporate IT infrastructure
and you this service is only for you consider turning this off

> 	lm interval = 60
> 	preferred master = Auto
and this off

> 	local master = Yes
and this off

> 	domain master = Auto
and this off

> 	browse list = Yes
> 	enhanced browsing = Yes
> 	dns proxy = No
> 	wins proxy = Yes
I think you certainly want to turn this off

> 	wins server =
is this wins server valid? - samba will use it ...
you may want to shut it off

now try to access your samba by ip address from the win2k box.

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