[Samba] Documentation updates...

Glen Gibb grg at ridley.unimelb.edu.au
Tue Sep 10 03:12:01 GMT 2002

Hi all,

Just a couple of suggestions for documentation updates. First of all,
perhaps you should include the following about Windows XP and slow
logons/long delays in opening files:

Windows XP and slow network logons/long delays in opening files
Windows XP includes a WebDav client that attempts to open shares via HTTP.
The long wait time appears to be a symptom of this client waiting for a
response to open requests.

The delay can be eliminated by disabling this service. The service name is
"WebClient", and can be disabled through the Services management console
(accessible from Control Panel -> Administrative Tools by default).

This problem is also supposedley fixed in XP Service Pack 1, but this has
not been confirmed. For more information, see Microsoft Knowledge Base
Article - Q312181

(Acknowledgement: I first found mention of how to fix this problem in a
message to the samba mailing list from Patrick Gunerud <slu at firerun.net>).

Also, the information in the howto about profiles is a little out of date.
It appears that the general consensus for NT based clients (eg. 2k and XP)
is that the profile share should be seperate from the home share.

For the profile share, client side caching should be disabled by setting
the following option:

csc policy = disable

Glen Gibb

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