[Samba] roaming profile in mixed environement

Christian Daré christian.dare at univ-brest.fr
Mon Sep 9 13:42:00 GMT 2002


I used to have 50 pcs with NT 4 workstation and a linux samba server acting as a PDC for 1500 students.
I was using roaming profile without any problem .

I changed a part of my pcs and installed win XP pro on them .

Now , i have problem with roaming profile when i pass from a XP machine to an NT4 machine . ( proxy not defined ... )

I ve got to change the way it uses to work .

I d like to stop using roaming profile and each student will save his work directly on his network drive .

	- is it possible to have domain authentification without roaming profile ?
I comment the " logon path" directive but /home/$user/profile is created automatically by XP machine .
	- is it possible to have one readonly profile by machine or by classroom  ?
thanks in advance

Christian Daré	
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