[Samba] Newbie SAMBA Printing question

bp at gti.net bp at gti.net
Sat Sep 7 12:58:00 GMT 2002

Can SAMBA be used on Solaris9/SUN OS 5.8 to emulate a MicroSoft NetBeui client and thereby print to a print server.

I have a printer(ps) that is netbeui only and want to print to it from a Sparc station. lp and lpr are not available by TCP/IP.

Please respond off the board(direct-mail) as I'm sure this is too basic for most users and I did not subscribe to list. I did search the archives and didn't find anything.

Any ideas or references would be appreciated. The Using Samba book didn't specify if SAMBA would create a printing client, as well as a server.
Also, could Imprints be used for the set-up ?



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