[Samba] (2.2.5) Does AUTO PRINTER DRIVERS work - definitive statement please

Fredrik Aminoff fredrik at island.liu.se
Sat Sep 7 09:59:01 GMT 2002

Glen Gibb wrote:
> Hi Fredrik,
> I can confirm that 2.2.6pre2 does indeed send the printer properties to
> clients (at least for HP LaserJet 4050N, PCL6 and PS drivers). 2.2.5 also
> works with the patches applied.
>>>Has the driver been initialized?
>>This part is still not quite clear to me. We have used the APW to upload
>>the driver from a Win2k-SP2 client and it works ok.
>>This is how I do: (Is this initialize the driver?)
> I think what Gerry is talking about is initialising the DeviceMode for the
> device (as well as setting the printer properties) but I may be wrong.
> See section 6.2.3 of the HowTO for instructions on getting the devmod
> initilised.

Ok. I've tried to do it all over again but I think the problem is really 
that the "Everyone"-group can't see the printer settings. See below.

Samba-2.2.6pre2 running as PDC
Clients running Windows 2000 SP2
Latest Lexmark driver for the Optra W810 PCL

I've tried with a newly compiled samba and removed all the drivers from 
print$/W32X86 and removed the following files from $SAMBADIR/var/locks:

I started with a fresh Win2k-client with all the printerdrivers removed:
and from the registry:
Environments\Windows NT x86\Drivers\3\<printer driver>

1. Connect to the samba-server as root
2. Click printers->Lexmark_w810
3. Select no when asked to att driver
4. Select Advanced-New Driver
5. Install the Lexmark w810 PCL-driver with "Have disk"
6. Set all the properties (Memory, duplex, 2500-sheet tray etc)
7. From the General-Tab click "Printing Preferences" and change the 
orientation, pressing Apply between the times.

Here's the real twist to the problem and really the problem:
When connecting to the printer as a regular user the preferences and 
printer options are not set to the right values (memory, duplex etc.) 
but when connecting as a administrator or someone with "printer admin" 
rights everything is correct.
I can even use the Security-tab on the printer to give "Everyone" the 
right to manage printers and then everyone can see the correct settings, 
the problem with that is that everyone also cat _set_ the properties for 
a printer and we don't want that!

Is the a solution to this or something I can change to correct this 

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