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Fri Sep 6 14:27:05 GMT 2002


I'm using Unix now for the last 2 years, so I'm learning everyday new
things. Now I'm trying to configure Samba 2.2.5 (on Freebsd 4.4) so that
w2k machines can logon to the domain.

I added several users to smbpasswd (which are real users on the server. I
would like to have "virtual users" which don't have a real account but
that's an other problem)

In several howto's I was told to add trusted w2k machines with the
following instruction:

useradd --g smbuser --d /dev/null --s /dev/null ntclient$
Now add it to the password database
smbpasswd -a -m ntclient (the $ at the end is not required)

Freebsd can not add an account with a "$" nevertheless I made the account
and tried smbpasswd -a -m ntclient
I did get the following error (also when I changed the name in my passwd
with a $)

User ntclient$ does not exist in system password file (usually
/etc/passwd). Cannot add account without a valid local system user.
Failed to modify password entry for user ntclient$

But the user exist!!

Does anyone has experiance with logon to a domain with w2k-clients?

Regards Robbert Knipscheer

Here's my smb.conf

        workgroup = knipscheer
        netbios name = firewall
        server string = Firewall huize knip

        remote announce =

        security = user
        encrypt passwords = yes
        os level = 65

        domain logons = yes
        domain master = yes
        preferred master = yes

        dns proxy = No
        wins support = Yes
        guest account = guest pcguest smbguest #does not work yet

        comment = The domain logon service
        path = /usr/local/samba/netlogon
        public = no
        writeable = no

        comment = HomeDir
        writeable = Yes
        browseable = No

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