[Samba] Cant print from the windozes.

Knut Ove Hauge feb2000info at yahoo.no
Fri Sep 6 08:03:18 GMT 2002

Well I have samba 2.2.5 installed on a lindoze and a local printer
connected to it. I can print through samba to the printer by typing
this from the command line. lp -P %p filename % and this lpr -P %p
filename %s
I also have cups installed but can not print with this command
lpr-cups -P %p filename %s.
I log inn as root on the win95 client and can not install the printer
as a network printer. But I have installed it as a local printer on
LPT8 output. Then I go to the properties of the printer and give it  a
new path. This LPT8|\\<my linux box>\<my printer share>
And then I try to print from the windoze, and the window shows up
saying its printing, but nothing is coming out.
Any idea what could be wrong.
I'am also trying the redhat list with this question, so I apologize that.

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