[Samba] Getting a share working

Vladimir I. Umnov samba at ezmail.ru
Thu Sep 5 06:52:13 GMT 2002

Hello, Ken.

KC> Hi All,

KC> I have Samba 2.2.5 for Sco Unix (Openserver 5.0.5).

KC> I have installed and configured Samba and it is running.

KC> I can see the server in "My Network Places".  Yes, Windows 2000 Professional already logged into a Windows AD Server.

KC> I have one share setup.  I added a user using swat.  share level security.

KC> When I click on share it asks for user and password.  nothing gets me in, not even root login  and password.

KC> Please help
In share write guest ok = yes AND allow login for bad users :)

 Vladimir I. Umnov                          mailto:samba at ezmail.ru

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