[Samba] Lost connection to network drive

Vladimir I. Umnov samba at ezmail.ru
Thu Sep 5 06:49:01 GMT 2002

Hello, Dominic and samba list members.

DD> Hi,

DD> I am using samba 2.2.5. My problem is with windows 2000, the mapped network
DD> drive share losses connection after a period of time, e.g. 30 minutes. You
DD> will see an "X" marked red  in the mapped drive letters. I looked up
DD> microsoft's website for persistent connections problems but the suggestion
DD> is already set in my register keys.
I have the same problem, but I suppose that this is because I
compilled samba with nt acl and/or msdfs. This problem was appeared in
2.2.3. In 2.2.5 compilation without any parametras (except prefix)
give a working version. But after enabling nt acl and msdfs samba
start to close connection after some time, however after some retries
connection was restored (with all shares at the same time).


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