[Samba] can't browse across subnets

Peter C. Lai sirmoo at cowbert.2y.net
Thu Sep 5 04:07:04 GMT 2002

Hi folks -

I'm having an issue here.
I have my samba server sitting on one subnet, and the rest of the clients
sitting on another (due to IP administration reasons).
I assign both my clients and the server to the same workgroup, but
the winboxen clients can't browse to the samba server.

The win clients all have WINS resolution turned on, and I specified
all of my WINS servers in smb.conf, however, my server isn't showing
up in the workgroup. I need the server to show up in the workgroup, because
there is a winbox with an unresolveable issue where the winbox can't
connect to boxes it can't browse.

It would be really nice not to have to multihome the samba server.
How would I get my samba server to be seen in the workgroup?
my smb.conf is available upon request.

Thanks -
Peter C. Lai
University of Connecticut
Dept. of Molecular and Cell Biology | Undergraduate Research Assistant
Yale University School of Medicine
Center for Medical Informatics | Research Assistant

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