[Samba] samba/ldap

Yahya AZZOUZ y.azzouz at iut.univ-paris8.fr
Tue Sep 3 19:09:23 GMT 2002


I 'm trying to configure samba to have all account users in ldap.

i compiled it with ldapsam support, OK
i have copied samba.schema under /etc/ldap/schema, OK
i added the objetclass sambaaccount in all the users's dn in ldap db, OK
I have defined the ldap configuration under smb.conf, OK
I have defined a PDC, the samba one.

but when i tried to connect from a windows client,  it failed.

my questions are :
 > did i  forget something so that it doesn't work ?
 > do i have to define a PDC absolutely,  because i don't want a PDC, 
just accounts under ldap.


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