[Samba] samba and NIS?

Bill Dossett bd at emtex.com
Tue Sep 3 14:46:01 GMT 2002


I have a few questions.   My goal is to run
NIS and samba so I have a central point of passwd control
and just one place to change passwords.   I will eventually
have 5 samba servers so this is quite important to me as
I don't want to have to change passwords and setup passwords
on 5 servers when changing or adding new users.

Can this be done?  So that if a user changes his password
for samba it changes it in NIS as well?

Do I have to run my samba server as a windoze PDC and
have everyone belong to the windoze domain is the next
question?  As I can't figure out how you would change your
password from a workstation on another server in a workgroup,
I would guess it would have to be a domain with the samba server
running as a PDC... I'm not keen on domains and would rather
just use a workgroup as the domain I currently have under
windoze has given me more problems than it was worth as I
my users don't really hot-seat, so other than password
syncing, it was a waste.

I've done a pretty good search on NIS and samba over the last
couple days and I haven't found any HOWTOs... if anyone
has any pointers to docs, I'd very much appreciate it.



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