[Samba] File types and performance

Robert W. Dempsey rdempsey at atlanticdominionsolutions.com
Mon Sep 2 20:19:01 GMT 2002


	Thank you for the spelling correction, I have always gotten it 
incorrect (stupid American I guess).  I will set up FTP with the root 
directory being the share I am trying to copy files to and try that.  I 
will let you know how it goes.  If FTP works well, then I am assuming 
that there is another problem that I must work out.  Do you know what it 
might be.  Thank you for your help.

- Robert Dempsey
   Atlantic Dominion Solutions

Mac wrote:
>>From: "Robert W. Dempsey" <rdempsey at atlanticdominionsolutions.com>
>>To: samba at lists.samba.org
>>Subject: [Samba] File types and performance
>>Date: Mon, 02 Sep 2002 12:42:12 -0400
>> I am wondering if Samba cares what types of files you are putting onto 
>>the server and if this effects the performance of the server.
> Firstly, it won't effect it.  It might affect it.
> The affect it might have will be indirect, at best.  Samba uses the OS
> it's running on to actually write the files to disk, so it's much more a
> function of the Operating System than anything else.  Especially if the
> underlying filesystem is using compression (unlikely).
> Once a file transfer is started, Samba tends to not be the bottle neck,
> it'll be either the Network (Card, IP stack, cabling etc.) or the disk
> subsystem (hard disk, drivers, filesystem etc.)
> Does 'FTP'ing the same files give similar results?
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