[Samba] PDC connect problem: II

Richard Fox rfox at sbsii.com
Thu Oct 31 21:05:31 GMT 2002

> This is all you should need for a bare minimum PDC to work.
> <snip>

I tried this, it didn't work, I then found out about DIAGNOSTICS.txt in the
samba distribution and started going through it step by step. I failed Step
5, which reads:


run the command "nmblookup -B ACLIENT '*'"

You should get the PCs IP address back. If you don't then the client
software on the PC isn't installed correctly, or isn't started, or you
got the name of the PC wrong.

If ACLIENT doesn't resolve via DNS then use the IP address of the
client in the above test.

When I run "nmblookup -B mercury '*'" I get:
[root at thor etc]# nmblookup -B MERCURY '*'
querying * on
name_query failed to find name *

The address to mercury is resolved fine, but the lookup failed. This means
that the TCP/IP setup on the mercury NT box is wrong, no? Any ideas what
this could be?

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