[Samba] PDC connect problem

mark lists at xinot.net
Thu Oct 31 18:04:00 GMT 2002

On Thursday 31 October 2002 4:31 pm, Richard Fox wrote:
> This is my second attempt to get some help.. maybe my first post was too
> complex, so I will simplify it and if you need more information you will
> ask me. I am quite stuck so I would really appreciate some help. I am
> trying to connect an NT box, mercury, to a RedHat 7.3 PDC, thor. When I try
> to logon to the domain from mercury I get an error msg on my NT box which
> says "the domain controller for this domain cannot be located."
> My smb.conf global section is:
> Help!
If this is a multi-homed machine then you might try

interfaces = xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
bind interfaces only = yes

I only guess at this because your other internal network is and 
you are only allowing 192.168.1.  Which makes me think that maybe your 
machine has two interfaces and samba's trying to bind to both.  

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