[Samba] Winbind!

Wieprecht, Karen M. Karen.Wieprecht at jhuapl.edu
Thu Oct 31 17:39:00 GMT 2002

Why not?  It does not affect whether or not my NT user gets matched to a
UNIX UID and GID (username.map does that part for me),  but for files
created by users with no corresponding UNIX account,  it makes the domain
username show up on an "ls -l" minus the domain prefix so I can see who owns
the file,  otherwise,  ls -l shows a truncated version of
DOMAINNAMEseparatorUSERNAME,  and I can't tell who owns anything ...  

What is the purpose of the parameter,  and why is it a bad idea to use it?  


		Karen Wieprecht

From: Gerald (Jerry) Carter [mailto:jerry at samba.org] 
> winbind use default domain = yes

Do not use this parameter.

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