[Samba] 3000'ish Open Files - causes network connection to be reset from single machine

Gerald Drouillard gerrylist at drouillard.ca
Thu Oct 31 10:42:01 GMT 2002

Samba_Version: 2.2.6
Server_OS: Mandrake 8.2
Client_OS: NT 4 workstation

There seems to be a issue on a Samba server when NT telnet sessions have
1500-1600 files open on a samba server.  The client has a Clipper database
application that opens roughly 150 file handles per session.  When logged
the NT4sp6a workstation machine locally, everything is fine.  I am able to
the application 20+ times with no issues at all.  The files and application
on the Samba network drive "S".

When the application is executed from 10 or 11 telnet sessions (using
www.georgiasoftworks.com telnet server for NT) it appears that the network
connections get "reset" causing open file handles in the previous telnet
sessions to close.  The same application hosted by a Win2k workstation
of a Samba server does not demonstrate this issue and everything runs fine.
Another hint would be that if logged on locally to the machine, and with 20
so application instances are open and running fine, the first telnet session
connect will cause the "reset" behavior causing all file handles to be lost.

The NT telnet server when booting up has roughly 1200 file handles open at a
time as reported by the task manager.

The server has no problems opening the application 20 times.  There seems to
no problems with running the program locally at all.  In other words I do
think there is a realistic limit on opening the application locally.  The
reports 4980 handles in use with 20 application windows open and everything
fine.  The first telnet session will cause the network connections to
causing any open DOS file handles to be closed.

I reboot the server.  If I start 10 telnet sessions I have 4214 handles.
the 11th session starts the network connections are reset.  When the 11th
session finishes loading the OS reports 4531 handles.  The other 10 telnet
sessions will get a "read error" when trying to access any previously opened
file handle.

The smb.conf and level 10 log are at:

Gerald Drouillard
Owner and Consultant
Drouillard & Associates

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