[Samba] smbclient & nmblookup not behaving the same way

Ahmed RAHAL arahal at taranis-services.fr
Thu Oct 31 09:41:23 GMT 2002

Hello Samba list,

I lately noticed a strange behaviour :
nmblookup MyPC
returns the name & IP of the host
using "MyPC" as netbios name.
smbclient -L MyPC
never connects as it returns an incoherent IP
(some fuzzy public IP nothing to with the local

this is a fresh 2.2.3a install on RedHat 7.3.

I could workaround this problem by inserting
the netbios names into /etc/hosts, some sort
of netbios/hosts resolution getting it straight.
However I wonder why nmblookup gives
the right answer while smbclient can't get it :p

thanks for any suggestion/hint, 'caus I guess
it is just because I ignore the exact way smbclient
resolves netbios names.

Ahmed RAHAL.

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