[Samba] Problems of groups accessing shared directory

Qonita niet at cs.ui.ac.id
Thu Oct 31 08:46:00 GMT 2002

thx to Dimitrios & Simon.
What a prompt response. It really does work!
Never really thought of using sticky bit..

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> Qonita wrote:
> >3. In the linux system, the directory /home/pub/ourdir is chown to root
> >chgrp to "special". The permission is 775, so that anyone belong to the
> >"special" group has full control to the directory.
> >drwxrwxr-x     12 root    special    4096  Oct 29 17:15  ourdir
> >
> >Problems came when person1 put/edit a file via samba (Windows Explorer),
> >ownership of the file is person1.group1, instead of person1.special. In
> >case, person4.group2 cannot edit the file (doesn't belong to the same
> >group).
> >How to make all files written or edited always belonging to group
> >I have tried "force group = special" but it turned out anyone has access
> >the directory, eventhough they're not listed as member of group "special"
> >/etc/group.
> After setting the group ownership, also set the sticky bit, ie :
> chmod g+s <directory>
> This tells Linux to use the group name of that directory, rather than
> the primary group of the user, when creating new files.
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