[Samba] Domain Users and file owners

Barry Hunter Priest hunter at geog.tamu.edu
Thu Oct 31 04:52:01 GMT 2002

I have a 2.2.6pre2 (mandrake 9.0) install that I have migrated a bunch 
of users files to, from a dying win2k Active Server.   It's primarily 
for storage but I hope to support interactive logins later on.  I 
created unix accounts and home directories and copied the files over 
from the win2k box and am having the linux server authenticate against 
the remaining (working) win2k AS box. The home directories mount fine 
from the linux server.

For illustrative purposes lets call these machines win2kstorage (dying 
machine), linuxstorage, and win2kauth.

On the windows clients: when the user files were on win2kstorage they 
were seen as owned by "domain\user".  After moving the files to the 
linux storage, the files show "linuxstorage\user" as the owner of the 
files.  Win2k doesn't have a problem with letting users create, modify, 
or delete those files, but certain programs (cough esri cough) seem to 
be using old file routines that balk at the different ownership.

question 1. is this normal behavior, even though samba is authenticating 
to the domain it's changing ownership info of files to correspond to the 
unix users?

question 2. is there a way to map the unix users to their domain 
ownership counterparts (I don't think this is a simple smbuser issue, 
but I could be wrong) so that on the windows clients it still sees 
"domain\user" as the owner of all created files? or to map UIDs on unix 
to their users SID on win2k?

Any help would be appreciated

Barry Hunter Priest

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