[Samba] quota support on AIX

Tsutomu Miyashita ibm-miya at post.kek.jp
Thu Oct 31 04:41:00 GMT 2002

Hellow, members

I want to use SAMBA with disk quota support on AIX machine,
 but have not succeeded yet. Are there any members who could
succeeded setting up SAMBA on that environment?

configure option:--with-quotas

First, I configured AIX's quota environment, and confirmed quota
worked fine. And I accessed to SAMBA, but disk size displayed
on Windows explorer did not match with quota size. Imformed disk
size is filesystem size of SAMBA server.
I comfirmed this step on Redhat6.2, but informed disk size was 
just quota size.
I wonder SAMBA quota function does not support AIX. Is that true?

Tsutomu Miyashita

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