[Samba] segmentation fault

Pablo Rincon Ymaz princon at vcn.bc.ca
Wed Oct 30 23:12:03 GMT 2002

Dear Samba org.

I have a problem when mounting a windows drive into my linux server, I have 
samba 2.2.3a and kernel 2.4.18 with SuSE 8.0

The problem I have is that I get a "segmentation fault" message when I try 
to access some windows directories, after that samba gets frozen and I cant 
kill the process (looks to me it keeps running an endless cycle). This 
wasn't a problem with the earlier version of samba I had before

The kernel is configured with msdos, win fat, etc file systems  and also 
with smb file systems to mount them.

Can you help me with some clues to solve this problem

Best regards

Pablo Rincon

princon at vcn.bc.ca

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