[Samba] Sending "fake" ip address to WINS server when advertising?

Bo Brinkman brinkman at cs.princeton.edu
Wed Oct 30 18:29:01 GMT 2002

Hi all: I've got a Linux box behind a linksys stand-alone NAT. Currently 
I have port-forwarding turned on so it is actually possible to connect 
to my samba shares using my IP address.

We use a WINS server, but of course if I tell samba about the WINS 
server it advertises itself as (the behind-the-NAT address). 
This won't allow others to connect from outside the NAT though. Is there 
any way to make samba send my NAT's external IP to the WINS server 
instead of the private IP used by the actual machine? I've looked 
through the docs and searched via google, but so far have not been able 
to figure it out. :(

Thanks! (If you wouldn't mind, please CC me on replies as I don't 
subscribe. But I also will check the list archive, so no biggie.)

William "Bo" Brinkman                         brinkman at cs.princeton.edu
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