[Samba] BUG: 2.2.6 and dos recusive filecopy

Roberto João Lopes Garcia roberto at mha.com.br
Wed Oct 30 12:59:01 GMT 2002


I missed the begining of this thread and I don't know some datail but, 

once I have a problem like that, using xcopy in a DOS window (windows 95/98). It missed some files. To fix it I had to change the DOS Window configuration so that MS-DOS programs do not detect windows. 

I don´t know how it is done in ME but in W98 is like bellow:

DOS Prompt --> Properts --> Program --> Advanced > Do not allow MS-DOS programs detect windows.

Hope this helps


At 17:50 29/10/2002, Bradley W. Langhorst wrote:
>On Tue, 2002-10-29 at 14:34, nicolaig wrote:
>> You misunderstand. They are not in the same directory! I use recursive
>> listing
>> Nico
>ahh -sorry missed that bit...
>I suggest you come up with a minimal test set of files that causes the
>failure and send that to samba-technical asking for help trying to
>locate the bug.
>i think the first couple of directories are a very confusing example...
>if it can handle the presencse of GDIPLUS.CAT and GDIPLUS.DLL in the
>10100 tree then why not in the 1000 tree?
>the oplock problems in your logs seem to be with other files so i don't
>think that is related.
>I think you have found a bug in samba but I don't know where to look to
>start debugging it.
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