[Samba] Machine can login, Machine(s) cant.

Brandon Hagedorn bhagedor at iastate.edu
Wed Oct 30 04:25:01 GMT 2002

I created separate machine accounts looking like this:
test-machine$:*:201:201::0:0:Machine account Test
lexus$:*:201:201::0:0:Machine account for a Lexus:/dev/null:false
and then proceed to make machine accounts with syntax of 
"smbpasswd -a -m lexus$"

And both machines reported that they joined the domain correctly. 
Seems weird that this would happen this way.  Any suggestions on how to
get at least on machine to login to the domain again... seems I have to
reinstall samba for it to work again. (very, very strange.)
Any suggestions are welcomed. 
Thanks again... - Brandon

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On Tuesday 29 October 2002 09:46 am, Brandon Hagedorn wrote:
> Here is my scenario; I have a FreeBSD 4.7 Release running Samba 2.2.6.
> I am using samba as a PDC.  I have installed everything need including
> the Win XP Sign or seal registry patch.  I added a one XP machine
> account for one machine, and it works fine.  Logging in and mounting
> network drives with a netlogon script.  As soon as I add another
> in the same subnet, different machine name, etc. I am not able to log
> into either of the two machines now. Here is the windows error that
> up." Windows cannot connect to the domain, either because the domain
> controller is down, or otherwise unavailable, or because your computer
> account was not found, Please try again later.  If this message
> continues to appear, contact your system administrator for
> I have looked at the logs. nothing unusual as far as I can see.  I
> included my smb.conf file if this would help anyone. Any suggestions??

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