[Samba] BUG: 2.2.6 and dos recusive filecopy

nicolaig nicolaig at orland-flystn.vo.mil.no
Tue Oct 29 18:25:00 GMT 2002

>>Everytime I ran my install-script, it was ALWAYS
>> the same files that were missing.
>that doesn't sound random to me...
>see if you can come up with some commonality between the skipped
files... maybe name length, containing certain characters (eg spaces in
the name)
>I've not heard of this before - maybe you found a bug...

An example:

I copy a directory using xcopy u:\i386\asms c:\destdir /e 

Where u: is \\myserver\winxpimage\

The asms direcory contains 37 files, and in all Samba versions except
2.2.6 all 37 gets copied.  In 2.2.6, only 21 files get copied.

If I do a recursive dirlist (dir /s), I see all 37 files, even in 2.2.6.

Everytime I copy the directory, the same files are missing.

An example:

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