[Samba] Booting win95 with a floppy on a samba drive

Joerg Lenneis lenneis at wu-wien.ac.at
Tue Oct 29 17:31:25 GMT 2002

Jocelyn lecours:

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> Hi folks!

> How can i 'netsetup' windows 95 on a samba share? My installation failed sayed can't write on the partition.

> Is it possible? Or i will need an nt or a Netware file server?

> The goal is the be able to boot win95 with a floppy an over the network on a diskless pc.

> Any ideas?

> Jocelyn

Hi Jocelyn,

funnily enough, I have been down that road myself quite some time
ago. What a waste of a lifetime. Anyway, the conclusion I reached was
to forget about it. I know, the Windows 95 documentation suggests it
should work (and it actually did in Windows 3.1). I got together a
semblance of a booting system, but there were just too many things
that went wrong and once you start installing applications that make
large scale changes to the registry the fun really starts. You'll need
a local hard disk with the Windows 95 installation on it, but it is
possible to back it up to a server and reinstall it later to get to a
known good state and some of the benefits of a diskless system.

You might be more lucky if you do not have to use TCP/IP but can use
Netbios but that implies an NT Server, of course. I just would not
deploy something like that nowadays any more.

best regards,


Joerg Lenneis

email: lenneis at wu-wien.ac.at

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