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Tue Oct 29 17:25:46 GMT 2002

Worked like a charm.  Thanks both to Tim and Josh for their assistance.
It appears to be working beautifully!!!


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On Tue, 29 Oct 2002, Scott Wrosch wrote:

> Okay, I've got it partially working.  Will that module also do it from
a non-*nix login?  For instance, say the user will more than likely
never log into that server from a telnet session.  Where would I put the
following line:
> session    required     /lib/security/ skel=/etc/skel
> I'm running RedHat 7.3.  In the /etc/pam.d directory, there are a
bunch of different files.  Currently I have it in two spots, the login
file, and the samba file.  I know it works fine in the login file as far
as a telnet session goes.  It does nothing though when connecting to the
share through Windows.  So I tried putting the same line in the samba
file, and still nothing.
> Am I putting it in the wrong file?

No, it has to be in the Samba pam file, but there is more to it. You
have to tell Samba that is has to obey the rules set forth in the pam

I've created a small howto detailing a Samba/Winbind setup as part of a
domain controlled by Windows DC's. It includeds all details on setting

You can fin it at :

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