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Scott Wrosch swrosch at MarketingAssociates.com
Tue Oct 29 16:05:20 GMT 2002

You'll have to forgive me, as I'm still a bit of a noob when it comes to Samba and many aspects of Linux, but how do I use it?  I'm sure it's something stupidly simple, but I'm not sure where to begin.


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Have you looked at pam_mkhomedir ??  It will create home directories
automatically.  And you can do this with any pam-enabled service, i.e.
telnet, ftp, samba.


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I've got the following script that I want to run every time a user logs in
to the Samba server, whether it be from a mapped share or by opening a
telnet session into the server and logging in that way.

Here's the script:


DOMAIN=`echo $USER | awk -F_ '{print $1}'`
USERNAME=`echo $USER | awk -F_ '{print $2}'`

if [ $DOMAIN = "MA" ]; then
  if [ -d /home/$DOMAIN/$USERNAME ]; then
    mkdir /home/$DOMAIN/$USERNAME

It's not the prettiest, but it does what I want, which is create the users
home directory if it doesn't exist.

Now, I know there were a couple of options in the smb.conf file for doing
this, but I can't get it to cooperate.  Can anyone help, or offer an
alternate means?

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