[Samba] Wins over subnets

Troy.A Johnson troy.johnson at health.state.mn.us
Tue Oct 29 15:57:06 GMT 2002


What version of Samba are you running?
What OS and version are you running Samba on?
Can you confirm that 'nmbd' is running?
Can the list see the smb.conf file?
What version of NT server was it before?
What version(s) of windows clients are connecting?
Do they all behave the same in that they cannot browse other subnets?

Good luck,


>>> "Sandro J. Ferreira" <sandro at viaconnect.com.br> 10/29/02 08:36AM
Hello Folks

After a upgrade of a NT network, with a PDC and different workgroups
over subnets, to SAMBA,im having some problems with WINS over subnets.
I have a DOMAIN in my primary net and some workgroups on the subnets, a
different workgroup to each subnet.
I need that each subnet see all the workgroups in the Network
In the primary net i've SAMBA being a PDC, master browser and WINS
server and all the desktops are pointing to this WINS server. I've tried
Netbios over TCP/IP e also LMHOSTS. I've read lots of documentation and
anyone could help me or give me some advise.
All the nets and desktops could be reached, i can access the desktops
typing \\netbios_name

Thanks for now

Sandro Joel Ferreira

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