[Samba] Problem running ./configure

Wieprecht, Karen M. Karen.Wieprecht at jhuapl.edu
Tue Oct 29 15:18:17 GMT 2002

I had the same configure problem,  ended up downloading a pre-built version
from the SGI freeware site,   but thought I'd try again after I had applied
some patch updates ... Oddly enough,  after the patch updates,  my samba
configure no longer gave me those errors.  I wish I could tell you which
updates actually fixed the problem,  but I had the same issue whether I used
the native compiler or gcc,  and got it on both Solaris and Irix.   When I
tested after I updated my irix to 6.5.17,  I tested with the native
compiler,  so I'm betting that it was som compiler development library patch
that did the job ...  Wish I had more for you,  good luck.

	Karen wieprecht

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From: Elliot [mailto:elliot.williams at mutualinterest.com.sg] 
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Subject: [Samba] Problem running ./configure

guys .. when i run ./configure for my samba 2.2.6 .. i get this error

$ checking for test routines... configure: error: cant find test code.
Aborting config

I am not sure how to resolve it. I have posted my error log file at
http://www.mutualinterest.com.sg/config.log   hope someone can help me
out here..

And this is my output. Sorry if it is kinda long.

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