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OK, I'm just a thick bod sometimes. I remembered 1 thing I changed which I
thought was only relevant if the SAMBA server was authenticating and using
it's smb passwd file, which I'm not. I commented out:
encrypted passwords = yes
Now it all works again now I have uncommented it. Can someone enlighten me
why this is relevant if my DOMAIN Controller is doing the authentication
which is an NT Box, shame on it. I'll tell you I commented it out and I get
the original problem. Weird.
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Jesus how do u post something, it always comes back :(
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On friday we changed our smb.conf file to test the security model that uses
DOMAIN authenticacion. It worked fine testing two seperate usernames from
Multiple Workstations connecting to a WORLD access share on the SAMBA
I have to say nothing has changed at all since friday, apart from the
weekend :) and we now get this MS error message when trying to connect the
same share again from WINDOWS:
"The account is not authorized to log in from this station"
Just to confirm that on both WorkStations no network shares existed when we
tried again today?
Should I update to the latest version of SAMBA and include the and/or
parameter Trusted Domains = yes wlthough I believe this is default (we are
in a trusted DOMAIN)?????

This is an example of our smb.conf file:
Our Version = Samba 2.2.0 on Solairs 8.0

   workgroup = VTC

   server string = mn01m0008.agere.com

   announce as = NT

   local master = no

   preferred master = no

   domain master = no

   os level = 33

   wins server =

   remote announce =



   password server = *

#  security=server

   security = domain

#  encrypt passwords = yes
Any help would be truly GREAT, even the NT boyz are stumped??????  

Jon :-) 

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