[Samba] Winbind!

Jennifer Fountain JFountain at rbinc.com
Tue Oct 29 14:54:23 GMT 2002

question about winbind:  is this normal"

when i do a ID with my user act (nt user) i get the following info:

$ id
uid=40001(jfountai) gid=50000()

I am a domain admin and a member of many other groups - they aren't listed
this is driving me insane :)

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> > If you don't get it working pretty quickly ... coincidentally, I am
> > currently working on the section on winbind for Using Samba, 2nd
> > I might be able to send you a copy of that, and see if the directions
> > for you. Hopefully, you can also provide some pre-publication user
> > feedback. Email me privately if you'd like to do this.
> Would be interested in your directions if I may pipe in here:)
> Currently working on replacing a server with RH7.3 & Samba 2.6 for our
> NT40 server that houses 200+ shares.

I'm writing a little doc on how to get Winbind working in a win2k domain on
a Debian machine for home directories and company shares (groups and users)
using SAMBA 2.2.5, perhaps I could contribute this aswell as I've found all
the other documents a little patchy.

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