[Samba] Wins over subnets

Sandro J. Ferreira sandro at viaconnect.com.br
Tue Oct 29 14:38:21 GMT 2002

Hello Folks

After a upgrade of a NT network, with a PDC and different workgroups over subnets, to SAMBA,im having some problems with WINS over subnets.
I have a DOMAIN in my primary net and some workgroups on the subnets, a different workgroup to each subnet.
I need that each subnet see all the workgroups in the Network Neighborhood.
In the primary net i've SAMBA being a PDC, master browser and WINS server and all the desktops are pointing to this WINS server. I've tried Netbios over TCP/IP e also LMHOSTS. I've read lots of documentation and anyone could help me or give me some advise.
All the nets and desktops could be reached, i can access the desktops typing \\netbios_name

Thanks for now

Sandro Joel Ferreira
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