[Samba] MS Access and RAID

Harry Mills harry at navaho.co.uk
Tue Oct 29 11:28:00 GMT 2002

On Tue, 29 Oct, Noel Kelly  wrote:
> Harry,
> I can't see it being the RAID either.  
> Have you checked the network basics?  I had a problem just the other week
> with very slow transfers and eventually discovered lots of carrier errors on
> the NIC and traced it back to a dodgy switch port in our Cisco 2940.  Just
> do an 'ifconfig' and make sure you have a decent network connection.  I
> notice that you describe a slowness in your original posting so even if
> ifconfig is not showing errors I would try a new cable and switch port and
> also maybe try some simple large file tranfers and see if there is
> noticeable difference between the two servers.  Could also be the NIC 
> itself
> of course.

Yes, have thought about that. ifconfig yields _no_ error of any type :(. I am
considering the possiblilty of a faulty NIC. We have had lots of fun with nic
related problems b4 (Not samba related), however, word documents, file copying
etc, is all very fast. Perhaps there is something special about the way Access
accesses its data ;)
> If the networking checks out fully and the Samba configs and versions are
> identical then I would try enabling the oplocks anyway and see if that
> helps.  Hopefully :() you will discover it is a networking issue....

That would be good - now, just have to work out how to drive 200 miles to play
with some network cables ;)


> HTH 
> Cheers,
> Noel
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> To: Noel Kelly
> Subject: RE: [Samba] MS Access and RAID
> Just a quick note to say thanks for your prompt response to my posting
> yesterday. So far, you are the only respondant ;)
> I am in a bit of a pickle, because the Access DB is live, and people are
> kicking up a fuss ;(
> I have read through the posting(s) you mentioned. Thing that is worrying me,
> is
> the fact that the old and new boxes are identical - Kernel, Samba version,
> smb.conf, and Hardware (Cobalt Qube) - the only difference is the twin HD
> doing
> Raid. I suppose the best bet it to rebuild the new box as a single drive
> machine, and start again! TBH, though, I just cannot see it being RAID, the
> load average is virutally 0.0.
> I have one question for you......
> I know access is a broken database, when shared across a network. Is it
> better
> to simply say - put the DB back on a Win98 Workstation, and share it from
> there?
> The problem is, their 'Database experts' simply say - its not us, its samba

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