[Samba] Re: strange locks

mlh mlh at zip.com.au
Tue Oct 29 11:01:53 GMT 2002

jra at dp.samba.org wrote

>The locks you see here are used by MS Office as semaphores.
>No one really knows why (well the MS Office programmers do,
>but they're not telling :-).
Thank s!  That explains that.

But I expected to see  locks for the whole of
the file for the duration of the MS-Word session.

Why don't I see that?    Without that, I don't see how
Samba locks could play nicely with other Unix processes.

Actually, being a Samba techo newbie, I sort of expected
that those sort of locks would be dealt with internally to
Samba, and smbd would lock the whole file anyway.
Anyway to get that behaviour?

(Thinks: probably not as Samba doesn't know why the
file is being locked -- could be a word doco, could be
a database I s'pose)


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