[Samba] auth to two diff PDCs? (success, sort of)

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at samba.org
Mon Oct 28 20:43:39 GMT 2002

"Collins, Kevin" wrote:
> Hi All:
> Excuse me for butting in here, but I'm planning a migration from WinNT 4
> to Samba in the near future and this thread has caused me to worry a
> little.
> Take the case that I'm planning:  3 Domains each to its own LAN
> (connected via 128k Frame Relay lines to form a WAN) Each domain
> currently has a NT 4 PDC and each domain "trusts" each other.  How do I
> accomplish these "trusts" only using Samba PDCs?
> Meaning:  If I rip out the NT Domains, replace the PDCs with Samba PDCs
> and rebuild new domains (new Domain Names, new NetBIOS names for the
> PDCs, etc.)  How do I get the three domains to once again trust each
> other?  Is there a Samba command to do this?

Domain trusts (in terms of us being a PDC trusting other DCs) are
currenetly a work in progress.  We hope to have it finished for Samba

However, why do you need domain trusts?  (There are lots of good answers
to this question, but make sure you do have one of the answers).

Samba 2.2 has always supported being a member server in a domain with
domain trusts, for the record.

Andrew Bartlett

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