[Samba] root prexec/postexec & login scripts

Deryk Robosson deryk at 0x0a.com
Mon Oct 28 15:50:33 GMT 2002

On Mon, 28 Oct 2002 10:44 pm, Mike Rambo wrote:
> scripts run fine on the workstations at login. I'm using a netlogon
> script I found at http://www.0x0a.com/netlogon.php that I've modified to
> handle multiple groups based upon group membership in /etc/group as I
> need. If I run the script from a command line supplying just a username
> it works ok.
> ./netlogon.pl mrambo   #This results in a good script.

Okay, it appears that you have XML-Twig installed and the script is 
functioning from the command line as it should be.

I have this script working in production environments on samba 2.2.2 (machine 
needs to be upgraded..client is stalling ;)) and 2.2.6 configurations without 
any trouble.

> [netlogon]
>    comment = Network Logon Service
>    path = /home/netlogon
>    guest ok = yes
>    read only = yes
>    browseable = no
>    printable = no
>    write list = @adm
>    share modes = no
>    root prexec = /home/netlogon/netlogon.pl %U
>    root postexec = rm -f /home/netlogon/%U.bat

Looks good to me..quite similar to what I normally use.  Perhaps someone else 
can shed some light on the issue..though I think the log level should 
probably be a bit higher.

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