[Samba] Samba Performance

mlh mlh at zip.com.au
Mon Oct 28 13:22:00 GMT 2002

rod at newtonhall.co.uk wrote:

> Any ideas where i can get a "things to check" list for performace 
> tuning of Samba
> Currently copying 300mb of data since 09:00am this morning and still 
> going ...now 12:20!
> 100mb full duplex nic  on a IBM x232 series dual proc Piii-1.2ghz, 
> 512mb ram, raid 5 - 18.2gb drives

Have you read the Speed.txt and Speed2.txt files that come with Samba?

Also, double check that the nic is in fact running full duplex.
It's best just to force both sides to full duplex since auto-negotiation
is so unreliable.


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