[Samba] AD Question

Jay Ts jay at jayts.cx
Mon Oct 28 12:17:01 GMT 2002

Harald Kümmerle wrote:
> Jay Ts wrote:
> > Samba as a PDC.  Samba has no limitation (AFAIK) to the number of
> > clients.  There are no licensing fees - this isn't Microsoft, you know? ;)
> I know, but I thought Microsoft would mess the thing up with the 5 CALs
> on the AD server. :)

Oops, I thought you were considering dropping Win 2000 and just using Samba.
I'm not sure how it works if you are accessing the Win 2000 server for
data, while authenticating through Samba.  Anyone?

> According to the roadmap, NT 4.0 trust relationships are already supported.
> But perhaps I should shut up and test it on my own... ;)

I think the support is somewhat new in the Samba 3.0 alpha releases.
Good luck with it!

Jay Ts

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