[Samba] HELP: cupsaddsmb is asking for the root password, but it does not work

Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at danka.de
Mon Oct 28 03:36:01 GMT 2002

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> Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2002 11:49:37 -0600
> From: Tim Soderstrom <tigerhawk at stic.net>
> To: samba at lists.samba.org
> Subject: [Samba] HELP: cupsaddsmb is asking for the root password, but it does not
>  work
> Hi,
>     I got this e-mail off #samba, so I apologize if I sent this to the 
> wrong place. In the event that I did not, I am having problems getting 
> samba and cups to work correctly with each other. When I do this:
> # cupsaddsmb -U root deskjet

Have you added root to the smbpasswd file? Try to do this:

     "smbpasswd -a root"

> I get this:
> Password for root required to access localhost via SAMBA:
> And when I try to enter the root password, it just prints the same line 
> as above. So when I try hitting enter, I get this:
> ERROR: Unable to copy Windows printer driver files (256)!
> I have tried playing with the permissions, and I have read the HOWTO, 
> but I cannot find an explanation to this problem - basically I am trying 
> to export the printer drivers so Windows users can just add the printer 
> and will not have to download their own drivers...(CUPS uses the Adboe 
> PPD files)

No. CUPS (former versions) use Adobe-PostScript driver files (Windows DLLs
and such) to offer for Win Clients for download and install. The PPD to be
used by the clients is alwasys the same one as CUPS uses.

The latest version (1.1.16) has a "CUPS PostScript Driver for Windows
(NT/2K/XP)" to offer -- alternatively to the Adobe drivers. This has
some additional benefits, such as reliable page accounting for printjobs
from the Windows clients, jpassing of additional job options (page-label,
priority, job-hold-until, job-billing info, banner-pages etc.)

> Any ideas? I know it is something simple but... :)
> Thanks and Take Care,

Will do  ;-)

> Tim Soderstrom

Tell us if it works...

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