[Samba] HELP: cupsaddsmb is asking for the root password, but it does not work

Tim Soderstrom tigerhawk at stic.net
Sun Oct 27 17:57:27 GMT 2002


    I got this e-mail off #samba, so I apologize if I sent this to the 
wrong place. In the event that I did not, I am having problems getting 
samba and cups to work correctly with each other. When I do this:

# cupsaddsmb -U root deskjet

I get this:
Password for root required to access localhost via SAMBA:

And when I try to enter the root password, it just prints the same line 
as above. So when I try hitting enter, I get this:
ERROR: Unable to copy Windows printer driver files (256)!

I have tried playing with the permissions, and I have read the HOWTO, 
but I cannot find an explanation to this problem - basically I am trying 
to export the printer drivers so Windows users can just add the printer 
and will not have to download their own drivers...(CUPS uses the Adboe 
PPD files)

Any ideas? I know it is something simple but... :)

Thanks and Take Care,

Tim Soderstrom

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