[Samba] Lan Manager Printer Port and Samba 2.2.x

Fernando Ruza fruza at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 26 18:48:01 GMT 2002

Hi everybody,

I have a problem with our samba server which is
working as a PDC and Print manager. The server has
several printers which share to everybody. This server
is using samba v.2.2.5-1

When I install a network printer in the clients
(Win2000 and NTs), normally windows set up automaticly
a "Lan Manager Printer Port" asociated with the
printer. Well, as we have seen using the samba version
2.2.x that "Lan Manager Printer Port" is not created
(with samba version 2.0.x is created automaticly)
however, we can print correctly. The only difference
is that the jobs don't appear when I open the printer
queue in Windows.

If we do the same in another server which shares the
printers with samba version 2.0.x, the "Lan Manager
Printer Port" is created automaticly, we can print
properly and also we can see the jobs in the printer
queue in Windows which is what we want in the server
with samba 2.2.5

I've read that samba 2.2.x uses MS-RPC and samba 2.0.x
uses Lan Manager. Anyway, what we need is to be able
to see the jobs in the printer queue in Windows using
samba 2.2.x

Any solution, any clue ??



Fernando Ruza Rodríguez
fruza at yahoo.com

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