[Samba] Older Mac to SAMBA copy

Matt Nelson matt at nelsonprinting.com
Sat Oct 26 12:59:02 GMT 2002

I've built a new samba server to replace an aging Apple 9500 running 8.6 
that is acting as a 'file server'.  The other macs run 9.2 and 10.2, which 
are the computers that will be served (I HOPE!) by the samba server.

I have installed DAVE in order to be able to copy the files over to the new 
server.  However, as the files copy, they disappear on the samba 
server.   Someone said it is because of the data and resource forks in the 
old mac os, and to tell DAVE to, as I believe he said, merge the two 
forks.  However, I see no such option in the DAVE setup.

Am I missing something, or is there another way to do this?  Also, will I 
have a problem with files name preservation of the mac files on the new server?



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