[Samba] Samba Server in a WinNT 4 Domain - SOLVED, sort of...

Collins, Kevin KCollins at nesbittengineering.com
Fri Oct 25 21:06:00 GMT 2002

Update on the problem all:

Turns out a junior administrator had used the IP addy that I was using
for my test machine for another machine and didn't tell me about it.
Anyway - MAJOR problem averted, but I still have a minor annoyance.

I described a very long pause when accessing the SAMBA machine from
Windows before, well that is still with me.  I finally get what I'm
looking for, but it takes FOREVER (as compared to Windows) to get to the
SAMBA machine.  Now I realize that the test machine isn't "server
material" and it never will be a production machine, but I've got
Pentium 233 machines that respond quicker than this machine does.

Ping times are fine, just the interaction of the Network Neighborhood.
I'm almost convinced it's a "slow machine" thing or (most likely) the
SAMBA machine is taking a very long time talking to the PDC/BDC on the
network for user authentications.  Anyone give me a pointer here?

Thanks in advance,


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Greetings all:

I currently have three Windows NT 4 domains.  I'm evaluating the switch
to either (at least) a mix of RedHat Linux or a total switch to RedHat.
For file serving processes, I'll utilize SAMBA.

For my first test, I've been looking at/trying to duplicate and then
replace the services of my least obtrusive server - our Proxy Server -
with an older workstation for the Linux machine.  One of the core
functions of this server (outside of Internet Access) is handling our
FTP site.  Currently I have the folders (directories) that house our FTP
site open to the Internal LAN so my users can deposit files on to them
without asking (bugging ;-) ) me.  So, of course I want to do this with
Linux/Samba.  I've got the machine running - using winbind to
authenticate users at the domain controllers and not locally.  But I'm
having a sporadic problems with the Linux machine "disappearing" from

Let me try to be more specific:
Linux Machine info:
	Gateway 2000 GP6-350 (Pentium II 350) with 256MB of RAM
	2 Network Cards - 3Com 905CTX (eth0 "External"), Netgear FA311
(eth1 "Internal")
	RedHat Linux 7.3 (all latest patches from Red Hat Network
	SAMBA 2.2.6 (from samba.org yesterday)
	Built SAMBA with the "--with-winbind" switch

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